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An Ode to Smashing

The year was 1999. The N64 was in its third year of circulation. Despite underperforming next to the PS1, the N64 already had an impressive line-up of first and second-party games. However, nothing could've prepared Nintendo fans for the game-changer headed their way. And it started with one of the most-bizarre commercials ever shown on TV in the 90's:

Best. Tonal. Whiplash. Ever! (Courtesy of PSNDarKnight01.)
This is still simultaneously the weirdest and greatest promo for a Nintendo game in my mind, and there are many reasons for that. But I'll let The Nostalgia Critic explain that for me, because it'd take too long. Besides, I discovered this game initially in a neighbour's house while dog-sitting, as 9 year-old me was bored of looking after their dog and headed upstairs to the kid's room to keep myself occupied. Sure enough, there was the N64 console that'd introduced me to the likes of Super Mario 64 and GoldenEye 007, tucked away neatly in the corner.…

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