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"C'mon Everyone, Let's Mosey" - Introducing The Final Fantasy Journey

  We shall journey on the road that continues... to the Final Fantasy.
Cid of the Lufaine, Final Fantasy Dissidia.
The first moment Final Fantasy takes your breath away is some twenty minutes in. Your party of four have been introduced-classed and named by the player, and then you're dropped into a world of uncertainty, darkness, and princess kidnap, just outside the sleepy town of Cornelia. Either finding your own way, or being escorted, to the castle's throne room, you meet the local king, who, noting your quartet are bearing crystals, wonders aloud if you're the prophesied Four Warriors of Light, before tasking you to defeat turncoat knight, Garland, who, in a typical braggart move, has kidnapped his daughter, Sarah.

You travel north to a rather fearsome Gothic castle, defeat him and reunite father and daughter. An overjoyed king proclaims that you must indeed be the Four Warriors of Light and rebuilds the bridge between his small island and the north. Your heroes cross…

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