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Little Witch Academia (TV)

I've been at a loss of what to review lately. Nothing seemed to speak to me lately. Then I heard some buzz about a title called Little Witch Academia by studio Trigger and the disappointment that it was going to Netflix so the wait to watch it legally would be longer than anticipated. Hey, it works on my lazy schedule of usually being behind three months on a series anyway, so why not check out now that the first season is available officially? After watching the short film and the Kickstarted follow-up that preceded it, I had a little regret in my decision. The first short is what I'd call "pleasant," which is sort of a back-handed compliment. It means it's nice enough that I don't really want to start rambling about all I found wrong with it because it may not deserve it. The original short was designed is part of the Anime Mirai projects to develop young animators (though how much it actually helps young animators or gives money for extra projects on alrea…

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